Krytyna Janda is an internationally renowned, outstanding actress, director, columnist, author and founder of one of the top 2 best known theatres in Poland. Krystyna Janda appeared in international film and theatre productions in Europe, Brazil, Canada, Australia and USA . She has been awarded at film festivals in Cannes (Palme d’Or), Montreal, Trieste and San Sebastian and she received the Woman of Freedom title from the President of Poland.





Krystyna Janda


   Be true. That has

always been my motto.







Women's rights activist

Krystyna Janda has always been a staunch supporter of women’s rights. In October 2016, after the Polish government announced a controversial bill which would affect women of all ages countrywide, she inspired mass demonstrations. As a sign of protest thousands of women, dressed in black, holding umbrellas, marched in cities and towns all over Poland. As a result, the government decided to withdraw the controversial bill from Parliament. This event became an inspiration to women worldwide, with similar demonstrations breaking out in Central and South America, Spain and South Korea. The event dubbed “Black Wednesday” saw thousands of women take part in demonstrations against rape and murder of women and in support of women’s rights. Thousands marched in the streets of Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and 15 other countries in the region, many holding #NiUnaMenos (Not one less) signs to highlight violence against women.



Theatres founder

In 2004 Krystyna Janda established a foundation through which she wanted to promote, disseminate and give people access to culture, especially theatre. In 2005 the foundation opened its first theatre – the Polonia Theatre (Teatr Polonia) which was located in a beautiful, old townhouse which was built in 1935 and was home to the first cinema in Warsaw after the end of WWII. At the beginning of the 21st century the building had become run down and dilapidated, however it hadn’t lost its ambiance. Janda’s Foundation renovated it and at the end of October 2005, opened its first theatre there. The shows put on at the Polonia Theatre proved to be such a success, that very quickly it became almost impossible to buy tickets. In 2009, in order to offer wider access to the masses, The Foundation decided to expand and open another theatre. It renovated another old cinema, and in 2010 the Och Theatre (Och teatr) opened its doors to audiences. 


Icon for women

Throughout the years, Janda has become an icon for women worldwide. She’s a self-made, independent woman, who achieved everything through her own hard work and determination. Her assertiveness, determination to succeed, business acumen, endless supply of energy and willingness to stand up for those in need have made her a role model for many. While theatre and culture are her main areas of activity, she is well-known for being a staunch supporter of freedom of speech, human rights, women’s and children’s rights and being the voice of those, who are too weak to be heard. She received the Woman of Freedom title from the President of Poland for her contribution to freedom, promotion of culture, good values and human rights.




Janda began her acting career in the 1970’s, while she was still a student at the theatre academy. She made her stage debut as Maria Kulygina in Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, and shot to fame in 1976 as the leading role in Andrzej Wajda’s Man of Marble. Since then she has portrayed hundreds of characters both on screen and on stage and starred in international film and theatre productions in Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Australia and the USA. She’s a truly multifaceted and versatile actress, known for being able to take on any role. She is just as comfortable playing Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as she is portraying Marlene Dietrich, Shirley Valentine or Margaret in Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She has received multiple internationally acclaimed awards, with the most important being the Pamle D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, the Silver Shell at the San Sebastian International Film Festival and the Asteroide at the Montreal World Film Festival.




By 1993 Krystyna had established herself as a respectable actress both in her native Poland and abroad. She regularly collaborated with top actors, actresses, screen writers and directors, appearing in films, television shows and theatre. She decided to try her hand at directing and dove into it head first. For her debut she opted for a difficult piece – Hedda Gabler – a social – political drama written by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. This classic of realism, nineteenth century theatre, and world drama was very well received by audiences and it opened the door for Krystyna to further her career as a director. Since then her acting roles have been intertwining with directing. She has since successfully directed over 30 plays and two films.




It’s not until the late 1990’s that Janda decided to write a book. She had been writing columns for various newspapers and magazines for some time and wanted to explore her writing talent. This is how her first book – Stars have red claws (Gwiazdy majÄ… czerwone pazury) came to be. It is a combination of her first newspaper columns and her autobiography. She reminisces about her life, family, childhood and early education spent in an art school. With a large dose of humor and irony, she describes life as a theatre and film actress, her family and close friends and the world, which is changing dramatically around her. As is the case with Krystyna’s projects, her first book was a phenomenal success, with several extended editions being published throughout the years. Her writing style, full of emotions, humor and irony became so popular that she went on to publish several more books, in which she describes her life, raising children, splitting her life between being an artist, a business woman and a mother, wife and daughter. Her specific writing style, which is a great reflection of her character allows the reader to gain insight into her complex personality.



Jaroslaw Cybulski


   My career path has led me to a point, where I can carry out a project alongside one of the most outstanding women in the world. I have gathered an exceptional team of specialists to bring to life on the of most ambitious cosmetics projects of the decade. Together we are building the new JANDA brand.





Chemistry Engineer

Jaroslaw graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology with a degree in Chemistry. He was an exceptional student and the President of the Student’s Chemistry Club, achieving above average results. From his early years he was interested in the chemistry and the engineering processes that accompany it during the production of cosmetics. He wanted to be directly involved in their design, development, creation and manufacturing process. He enjoys searching for innovations which could be used in cosmetic products, ensuring the efficiency and safety of production processes, adapting the chemical make-up of products to meet environmental or economic needs, scaling up chemical processes for manufacturing purposes, and applying new technologies to improve existing cosmetic formulas. He turned his lifelong passions into a job at which he excels, truly understand and loves.



World Class Manager

Immediately after receiving his university degree he began his career in the cosmetic industry, where he started as a specialist, working his way up General Manager and Operations Director. He was named one of the best managers in the world by the American organization where he was working at the time. Since, he has managed various production and research facilities and pharmaceutical and cosmetic corporations, developing two of the biggest cosmetic brands in Poland (Dermika, Soraya). He became the first manager from outside the Nordic countries, who sat in the top management of the Swedish company, which was the owner of those brands. A longtime board member of the Polish Cosmetics Association, he presented his outstanding leadership skill on many occasions, with projects carried out under his direction winning many prestigious awards, awarded both by the industry and consumer.





   We are all different. Our characters. Personalities. Skills. But together we create a unity