Be happy, fulfilled and joyful. Stay confident and free of phobias, do not have delusions of grandeur or low self-esteem. Be optimistic, with a calm view of the world and yourself, without dreams beyond measure and sick ambitions. Be pragmatic and realistic. Be an idealist, who loves people and the world, with great faith in humanity and justice, individualism and good values but without naivety or exaggeration in this regard.








truth, strenght, faith


The need to create JANDA cosmetics comes straight from the heart . From the need to be close to women. To give them power. We value their sensitivity, wisdom, worldview and all the emotions they have. We believe in the great potential that they carry. We want to be the impulse which sets it free. We believe, that our brand will inspire women to see themselves in a different light. Without excessive harshness, but also without arrogance. To be better to themselves and to others. For a better life. Because we believe that anyone can achieve success. Simple.





   Not many actresses wear make-up in their free time. I don’t. But to be able to do that, the skin has to be in an excellent condition.





We know that looking attractive isn’t a matter of painful and expensive treatments, but daily care of the skin. Its condition and strength. Enormous changes? What for? You can be truly beautiful while remaining true to yourself! Simple


We use proven, tested active ingredients which are highly effective and serve similar functions to professional beauty treatments. Always in dosages which guarantee the highest efficacy. Because we believe that women can be truly beautiful without using a scalpel, needles or lasers.


We enrich recipes with the most effective ingredients of modern cosmetology, following the spirit of the times and the development of science. We attach great importance to ingredients’ studies. Their credibility. Development. Safety.


We examine our formulas in reputable and independent research centres and test them clinically. We have dermatologists and women evaluate them, so that the final product is perfect.


We are true in the declaraions we make. We don’t exaggerate, fantasize or promise the impossible.






   Women these days lack self-confidence. Self-confidence resulting from who they are. Also when it comes to their looks. I believe this can be changed.





We are different. In our nature, our characters, our interests and hobbies. But together we make a great team. We are all passionate about our work and the challenges we face. We like it. All our actions are based on good values.