Quick lift for a good morning

For mature women who notice a decline in their skin’s condition, want to reduce wrinkles and restore the skin’s attractive, youthful appearance. If you expect your cream to provide immediate effects and improve the quality of your skin over time.

Original solution from the JANDA R&D team:


Inspired by non-invasive treatments that work on fibroblasts, increase the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin. The effect is a rapid improvement of skin appearance.

REVELATION! Cosmetic drones® (PATENTED) – the latest, super-permeating, cosmetic carriers. Supply a very effective active peptide exclusively to skin cells. Result? Increase in collagen production and tension (endogenous lifting).

NEW! Biolifting (PATENTED) – unique biopolymer network which provides the skin with many benefits: creates a flexible, self-tensioning mesh on the surface, hydrates and reduces appearance of wrinkles!



• Epidermis reactivator – improves the functioning of cells throughout the epidermis. Restarts old cells, enhances expression of genes inside them, hydrates, smoothes, strengthens and improves skin renewal.

• Gardenia oil – extracted from flowers, softens and smoothes skin. Strengthens its barrier properties, nourishes and protects.


Cosmetic Drones® is a Trade Mark registered by Infinitec Activos SL.

Impossible promises? Far from it. You can be certain that the cream will visibly change your skin!


  • quickly improves skin tension (immediate and long-term effect),
  • reduces the visibility of wrinkles and skin pores,
  • makes the skin look younger,
  • provides excellent moisturisation, smoothing and epidermis strengthening,
  • improves firmness, flexibility and elasticity of the skin over time (endogenous lifting),
  • enhances the overall appearance of the face and skin quality!

Apply in the morning after careful face cleansing. Avoid the eye area. Complete the treatment with JANDA quick lift cream for a good night, quick lift tightening treatment and quick lift eye cream.

...so beauty gives you the power to act. To change yourself, the world, life. Always for the better.