Super cream for men for any time of day and night

This cream is perfect for you if You are searching for a super-moisturising, perfect cream. One multitasking cream. One that:

  • isn’t sticky and absorbs quickly,
  • improves hydration quickly and effectively,
  • for many hours,
  • smoothes,
  • softens,
  • makes you feel full of energy.
  • Simple.

An original solution from the JANDA team of specialists:


Designed specifically for men's skin to achieve several goals at once: revitalise, reduce puffiness, prevent sagging, reduce wrinkles, smooth, and above all, moisturise and provide complete comfort! Impossible?


Key ingredients of HYDROTECHNOLOGY


The reliable composition of three excellent ingredients that ensure multi-level skin hydration:

hyaluronic acid provides immediate and long- -lasting effect of accumulation of water in the skin,

the super polysaccharide – moisturises for a minimum of 8 hours, achieving its maximum effectiveness after three hours, as an excellent complement to the effects of the acid, the power of the sea – raw material derived from algae, increases the amount of water on all levels of the epidermis and stimulates production of the components that reinforce it.

Together, they form an integrated, modern formula.


Supporting ingredients:

Strengthening lipids – including Shea butter and squalene, which protect and regenerate the epidermis.

Impossible promises? Far from it, which is why we’ve checked everything carefully.


  • provides fast and long-lasting moisturisation,
  • reduces wrinkles and improves skin tightness,
  • revitalises and removes signs of fatigue such as puffiness,
  • provides full comfort from the first use,
  • soothes irritations,
  • smoothes and softens.

Use in the morning and at night before bedtime. In the event of extreme skin dehydration, can be applied several times daily. beauty gives you the power to act. To change yourself, the world, life. Always for the better.